The Last Clan

As some of the fog clears...
our scattered heroes take to the task of finding each other!

Our heroes awaken to find themselves in their childhood homes or places of birth and origin. A strange lack of clarity lingers in them all…well, maybe almost all of them. Hungry, tired, groggy, and weak, even-they discover sensations they haven’t felt in a long time, unbeknownst to themselves.

One by one, each hears the thoughts and feelings of the others. And what’s this…there’s a new guy?! He seems very eclectic and odd, with a language and rapport all his own. He also travels with a monstrous animal companion, who seems bafflingly gentle!

After talking with each other a while and many series of inquiry, they start making plans to find each other where they are in their different places in the multi-verses so that they may start adventures anew. While pinpointing locations, Frank and Craig realize they need to enlist the help of seasoned and capable spell-casters. They head to the neighboring sister town of Alcott from Cannite.

Swimming in the waters outside of Stormwrack, Dimmorals finds himself looking at the stars to compare to those of their new friend, to see if they are in similar surroundings. Being as it is night where he is, and day where Pikel is, that is not very likely. While he is looking up at the sky, he is attacked viciously by a massive shark. Taking on serious injuries, but overcoming the beast, after what appears to be a miraculous helpful event by his patron deity (a comet falling from the sky and impaling it during the fight), Dimmorals hastily returns home to tend to his wounds.
Afterthought: While viewing the sky, a feeling of deja’vu overwhelmes him, reminding him of a very odd time where he saw the massive star Magnus. He did not remember the name, but when Craig hears and sees his thoughts on this, he tells him “Oh hey, that’s Magnus!”

As Pikel meanders about his normal routine, and his beast went to feed for breakfast, he hears a very deep, low growl. Not being able to see it, he quickly climbs up a tree to get out of harms way. Barely escaping a ferocious attack, he realizes that it is a Dire wolf. And uses his skills to calm it down and send it on its way.

Walking along the road to Alcott, while talking, Craig mentions Kraytos casually and Frank gains a sense of deja’vu himself, fumbling over his memories of the encounters he had with the lunatic magus. They reach the city, and find that without coin there is not much resources from either party to aid them in the cause of getting their group together. The city mages ask them to stay for the night so that they can contact someone for the next day. So they find an inn, and using their skills and wiles they manage to secure rooms for no cost.

Not being able to sleep, Craigs fumbling thoughts keep Frank awake, much to his chagrin. He stabs himself with a dart of sleep poison to get some rest. While drinking at the bar, Craig passes out…the first time he’s ever experienced this sort of thing in his life!

As they awaken, they find themselves in a new world, beside their new friend Pikel and his beast! Alarmed at first, Craig draws his dagger, but Pikel quickly puts his caution at ease.
They decide to grab a boat and head south out and through the Star Mountain.

On the first boat, the ride is easy, calm, and uneventful. They stop after the woods.
During this short span, they saw some of the halfling paladins of The Great Tree, gathering water along the river.

On the second and current boat, Frank gets laid. In the middle of his coital enjoyment, a very arduous encounter hits the vessel. It appears to be the hobgoblin raiders that famously attack the shores along this coast all the way to Secomber. They use ballistas to shoot spears tied to ropes at the ship, in hopes of pulling it to the shores so they can board and pillage it. But the captain, crew, and our heroes thwart the meddling mongrels!
The day is won!


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